Monday, 2 November 2015

Just another sign of societies imminent collapse.

There is apperantly a new & extremely serious (everything in the news is said to be extremely serious) crime "Carrying Camera while male"  in the article they say 'Taking photographs while male', but the guy didn't take a single photo, he was just carrying a camera.

This really bugs me, I always have a camera with me & I take photos all the time.

I had indented to add a rant of my own to this, but really, it so ridiculous that I don't what I could say, except maybe;

1) People are becoming more & more paranoid about their neighbours & maybe that says as much about what they think of themselves, as what they think about others.

2) The lady in the article was worried there was a creepy person taking pictures in the park & she was right, it was her. Everything was fine until she crept into the park & started taking pictures.