Thursday, 18 May 2017

PoTd - May 18
Pic-of-The-day - "Shrouded".

Maybe I felt a bit guilty wandering around a cemetery taking photos that are 'just interesting pics' , but I felt like take a few that had a bit more thought & emotion.
For yesterday's photo I used composition, for today's I'm using  colour &, brightness, & saturation.

I'd like this photo to be reminiscent of how a bright day can look when your emotionally exhausted. The colours are there, you can identify them, but the have no vibrancy, the light is too bright & shadows are just a dull gray.

I'm not sure if it's too subtle, but I was really trying to avoid, being melodramatic & going gray scale & blowing out the highs & lows.

This isn't my usual type of work & so I 'd really appreciate any thoughts.

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